lundi 2 avril 2018

How to be a brewmaster ?


Please find below some ways in order to be a brewmaster :

1) The first option is to do an internship in a brewery without any background at school. You can become an operator/brewing assistant and maybe later a brewmaster.

2) The second way is to study 3 years in food industry school. You can entry directly as brewer in a brewery but not directly as a brewmaster.... (not for a big brewery).

3) There is several school allowing you to be directly a brewer after 1 or 2 years of study. Sometimes a other background is mandatary in order to be allowed to do this school (as engineer degree, biologist, chemical science...).

The most famous one is the VBL in berlin :

It is existing other school depending the language as :

GERM Technischen Universität München :

FR  Nancy unversity in France :

4) To open your own brewery but this is maybe the more risky way... good luck! ;)

Article en version française.

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