lundi 2 avril 2018

A brewing kit from 200 is possible !

A kit in order to brew your beer at home cost approximatively from 200 to 350 euros. Hereunder, we expose the best choice for price and quality. It will allow you to brew 20L of beer in 8 hours. Be carrefull with the kits "ready to use" on internet and the second-hand equipments. The first one are expensive and they provide unusefull tools. The second one are worn out and you have the risk to have a contamination in your beer.

You need :

1x Brewferm electric brew kettle SST 27L at 150 euros.  Attention : if you have already a kettle of 25L and a good heater, you do not need this. 150 euros saved ;)

1x MAsh thermometer + protective cover -10 / +110 °C at 15 euros.

1x Brewferm Premium maltmill cast iron at 60 euros. Attention: do not buy the one at 40 euros proposed by the site. You will have issue with that one.

1x Brewferm® lauter tun 30 l with SST filter bottom at 60 euros. Attention: do not buy the filter cloths on the website. It doesn't allow the removal of the lipids (normaly adsorbed on the cake). The lipids gives bad taste in the beer. 

2x  brewing/fermentation bucket Brewferm 30 l graduate at 13 euros per piece. 

1x brewferm Chill'in 20 SST wort chiller at 50 euros. Attention : this equipment is very important. If you do not use it, you have the risk to have a contamination in your beer. 

1x crown capper Greta 26 mm at 8,5 euros. Attention: it deserve only in order to close little bottles (25 cl or 33 cl... not for 75cl bottle). 

The total of costs is 356,5 euros (or 206,5 euros if you have already the kettle at home).

Attention, you need to foresee also a scale (weight), a long spoon, hand gloves, dosing glas and empty bottles. 

You need raw materials, hops, malt, yeast (as for example T58), sugar... (site brouwland). The costs will be around 20 euros per 20 liters of final beer.

The other parts are :

PS: you do not need oxy cleaning agent... you material is new and you will be able to clean correctly with caustic (with correct concentration and temperature of 80°C).

If you have question do not hesitate... Take your apron and join the brewer community! :)

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